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The question that popped in my head this morning was, “Are you lightening or deterring the load?” In other words, am I making the load lighter or heavier? The load can be anything. Finances, upsets, arguments, cleaning the house, relationships … Continue reading

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It’s our last days of the journey and we are in Newcastle Upon Tyne staying with my niece and her partner. We’ve been taking Jeff’s mom out every day to different little towns and villages having lunch. So one day … Continue reading

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You’ve likely heard of soul groups. New souls and old souls; soul mates and soul families. Today our guide said, “We are in the same family.” And you my friend, since you are reading these words right now are also … Continue reading

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I’d never thought about Sikhs except that they wear turbans and seem very distant from my world. Today in New Delhi I got a completely different vision. A Sikh is a disciple, and a student and it was a Sikh … Continue reading

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It doesn’t say life is fair on my birth certificate. It probably doesn’t on yours either. It’s not fair for a baby to be born in poverty, or a child raised in a gang neighborhood, or that someone is rich, … Continue reading

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I facilitate workshops in corporate America and around the world. I’ve taught in many Veterans Associate hospitals across the United States. I teach nurses, doctors and administrators many different classes on topics such as How To Manage Your Team Through … Continue reading

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Being curious is one of the best things you can be in life. It keeps you young. It keeps your mind active. It makes you interesting; it makes other people interesting. It is having the desire to learn or know … Continue reading

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