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Did I tell you about making lemonade? I was waking up in the morning and reading an uplifting book such as Joel Osteen. I like what he says because he always makes me feel strong, and capable and able to … Continue reading

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I realized that I was channeling my efforts into too many things. Not getting one thing finished, before starting something else. And so I thought about what I really wanted to do most. And the thing I want to do … Continue reading

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I have a friend whose parents were born in Ireland. Sadly they are both dead now, but she has 178 first cousins along with many aunts and uncles still living in Ireland. She visits 2 or 3 times a year. … Continue reading

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I was sitting on the airplane from London to Chicago and I’d already watched 2 movies, so I looked at a documentary. It was about our brains and our beliefs. A scientist was saying, “We are programmed to be optimistic.” … Continue reading

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The question that popped in my head this morning was, “Are you lightening or deterring the load?” In other words, am I making the load lighter or heavier? The load can be anything. Finances, upsets, arguments, cleaning the house, relationships … Continue reading

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It’s our last days of the journey and we are in Newcastle Upon Tyne staying with my niece and her partner. We’ve been taking Jeff’s mom out every day to different little towns and villages having lunch. So one day … Continue reading

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Know this. Depression can easily become a habit. I know because it happened to me. I arrived in America in 1983 and felt alone. Even though I had a spouse and two children I didn’t know how to cope with … Continue reading

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