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I’d never thought about Sikhs except that they wear turbans and seem very distant from my world. Today in New Delhi I got a completely different vision. A Sikh is a disciple, and a student and it was a Sikh … Continue reading

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  My Muslim son-in-law has never had a drop of alcohol. His father told him not to and the Quran told him not to—so he doesn’t. My grandmother never had a drop of alcohol either, but me—I have. I am … Continue reading

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There is nothing going on. Whatever you have done, or are thinking of doing there is nothing going on except what you make it. Remember people like Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for over 20 years? He decided to make … Continue reading

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Do you know that you have companions on your life journey? Soul sisters, soul brothers who you know. They are in your soul group for a reason. Maybe it’s just for companionship or to be a friend, or to show … Continue reading

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Taj Mahal

We’ve done it. We’ve seen the Taj Mahal and sat where Lady Diana had her picture taken on a bench siting all alone in front of the ‘crown of palaces.’ My first impression was awesome. A huge white and golden … Continue reading

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We’re travelling to the Taj Mahal—one of the seven wonders of the world. The road we are travelling is very long and straight. At each side are fields upon fields of grass, vegetation, and hay stacks. Here and there are … Continue reading

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Here we are at the Imperial Hotel in New Delhi. It is gorgeous. The lunch buffet has so many different assortments of foods—delicious! And amongst the desserts, white, dark and milk chocolates with sumptuous soft centers. The problem is I … Continue reading

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The great thing about having a scarf is they keep you warm. They decorate lamps, walls, and even beds. In France women wear scarves in several unique ways that turn a blah outfit into an amazing outfit. I have a … Continue reading

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On this journey that we are taking over the next few weeks, we are going with friends. Do you have friends who are very caring? Maybe they are not close friends but are people who simply care and you know … Continue reading

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We’re sitting at an English pub having lunch before we go to the airport for our flight to New Delhi; when I see a horse and buggy come trotting along the road. Not the old-fashioned buggy, but a lightweight contraption … Continue reading

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