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What I love about reading is the joy of peeking into someone’s mind and finding new ideas. For example, Oprah Winfrey in her book, ‘What I know for Sure’ mentions a singer named Snatam Kaur. I was so intrigued by … Continue reading

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Do you believe in karma? It’s the idea of doing something, and that something being done back to you. It might not be the exact same thing….but something similar. For example, being kind to a stranger, in terms of karma, … Continue reading

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Did I tell you about making lemonade? I was waking up in the morning and reading an uplifting book such as Joel Osteen. I like what he says because he always makes me feel strong, and capable and able to … Continue reading

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I was sitting on the airplane from London to Chicago and I’d already watched 2 movies, so I looked at a documentary. It was about our brains and our beliefs. A scientist was saying, “We are programmed to be optimistic.” … Continue reading

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Jeff’s mom lives in a senior citizens home in Whitley Bay—the North East part of England. She’s 88 years old. She had a major stroke 6 years ago and hasn’t been able to walk since. She’s a beautiful person. Always … Continue reading

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What a lovely man. When we first met, he said, “Never keep anything in your heart—always bring it out so your heart is open.” I had forgotten this for a moment until they were talking in the front of the … Continue reading

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Taj Mahal

We’ve done it. We’ve seen the Taj Mahal and sat where Lady Diana had her picture taken on a bench siting all alone in front of the ‘crown of palaces.’ My first impression was awesome. A huge white and golden … Continue reading

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We’re sitting at an English pub having lunch before we go to the airport for our flight to New Delhi; when I see a horse and buggy come trotting along the road. Not the old-fashioned buggy, but a lightweight contraption … Continue reading

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This is a funny one and you may be wondering what it’s all about. Well it’s quite simple, it’s about your dishes. Are they washed, dried and put away? I know a guy who lived on his own and never … Continue reading

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I used to run. I trained for a marathon and got to eighteen miles. Then my hip went into spasms. I couldn’t run without being in extreme pain. So I stopped. Now, when I see a runner I think, ‘wow … Continue reading

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