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Jeff’s mom lives in a senior citizens home in Whitley Bay—the North East part of England. She’s 88 years old. She had a major stroke 6 years ago and hasn’t been able to walk since. She’s a beautiful person. Always … Continue reading

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We all get annoyed and frustrated at times. This morning for no real reason I got annoyed with Jeff. He hadn’t done anything except knock on the bathroom door. I wasn’t ready to finish washing and cleaning my teeth. He … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed quite a few homes in England have solar panels on their roof. It’s funny that there are so many wars over oil and energy when the sun stands in our midst belting out so much energy that it … Continue reading

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Do you ever blow your own trumpet? Yes we all do from time to time. And a good thing too. Sometimes, it’s good to blow our trumpet, especially if no-one else is. Today someone blew my trumpet. Jeff and I … Continue reading

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I’m watching the birds. Pigeons flock to the water fountain. The males fluffing themselves up seem more important and bigger—the females preening and displaying no interest seemingly. And above, the eagles, hawks and larger birds soar higher and higher carried … Continue reading

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The wonderful thing about travelling companions is seeing how other people do things. Our travel companions on this trip are old friends, but still you never get to really see how people are until you travel with them. We are … Continue reading

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As I write this at breakfast in the Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, we talked about our history. One of our companions talked about his “poppa” his grandfather. “Every summer I would go and stay at poppa’s farm in Scotland. Poppa taught … Continue reading

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We’re still in New Delhi at the time of this writing. It’s evening and we’re debating about this and that. “What good is the Dalia Lama really? One of my companions poses the question. “I don’t mean to be rude … Continue reading

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It always seems that other people have it together. Enough money; the right clothes, the correct attitude, proper education and so on. I have found however that no-one has it all together all the time. Some have it more together … Continue reading

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