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What I love about reading is the joy of peeking into someone’s mind and finding new ideas. For example, Oprah Winfrey in her book, ‘What I know for Sure’ mentions a singer named Snatam Kaur. I was so intrigued by … Continue reading

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However old or young you are you are constantly with you. And for people who are prone to be depressed like myself, that can be a problem. Because if you are looking back at your life and thinking it isn’t … Continue reading

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I have a friend whose parents were born in Ireland. Sadly they are both dead now, but she has 178 first cousins along with many aunts and uncles still living in Ireland. She visits 2 or 3 times a year. … Continue reading

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As I write this at breakfast in the Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, we talked about our history. One of our companions talked about his “poppa” his grandfather. “Every summer I would go and stay at poppa’s farm in Scotland. Poppa taught … Continue reading

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We’re still in New Delhi at the time of this writing. It’s evening and we’re debating about this and that. “What good is the Dalia Lama really? One of my companions poses the question. “I don’t mean to be rude … Continue reading

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We visited a small temple in the Barkhor square near the Potala Palace.  It was down a narrow side street and through a doorway where vendors sell tea in bottles and dry tea wrapped in straw bundles. We went along … Continue reading

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Do you remember me telling you about my hubby and his motto of ‘protect and serve?’ On the other side of that is me; being protected and served. It’s not like he comes out in shining armor and riding a … Continue reading

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Carpe diem in Latin means “seize the day!” But taking the opportunity can be as scary as walking through a partially open door that leads into a darkened room. It seems like a good idea, but we don’t really know … Continue reading

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This is a difficult topic for many people. I hear people say, if I can’t trust, him/her then there is no more relationship. Or, he/she broke my trust and the marriage is over. But really, how can we trust other … Continue reading

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Are you the kind of person that lives to a schedule? Do you have everything worked out to the very last detail? Do you have a plan for carrying out a process or procedure? Does it have lists of intended … Continue reading

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