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I’m eating breakfast with my 12-year old grandson when he says, “My life started dark. Nothing went through my mind; it was like in one ear and out the other.” I nod and he carries on, “Did anything happen, yeah, … Continue reading

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The Latin phrase for Understand is Percipio Percepi Perceptum which is defined as: to gain, learn, perceive, and understand. If we can gain knowledge about something, perceive what it means, learn from it, then maybe we will finally understand it. … Continue reading

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Jeff my hubby is driving me to O’Hare airport. I am flying into Rochester, NY, then driving to Canandaigua to deliver a class called Introduction to Strategic Planning. Road-works decorate the highway: flaggers wave to slow us down; back hoe … Continue reading

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I told a friend that I was writing this book and she asked, What is the title? I told her, Life Warrior—365 combat moves to kick depression. She looked away for a moment and said, I always think of Mother … Continue reading

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I struggled with faith for years and years. People I admired were atheists, and others had faith. Both sides had a good story about why they believed or didn’t believe. Finally it was up to me to decide. I started … Continue reading

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