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I’m eating breakfast with my 12-year old grandson when he says, “My life started dark. Nothing went through my mind; it was like in one ear and out the other.” I nod and he carries on, “Did anything happen, yeah, … Continue reading

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Do you believe in karma? It’s the idea of doing something, and that something being done back to you. It might not be the exact same thing….but something similar. For example, being kind to a stranger, in terms of karma, … Continue reading

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We’ve arrived in Lhasa—capital of Tibet. Our guide Tashi is Tibetan and is the most wonderful human being. He said, “It is all about the heart—if my heart is open and your heart is open then the world will be … Continue reading

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On this journey that we are taking over the next few weeks, we are going with friends. Do you have friends who are very caring? Maybe they are not close friends but are people who simply care and you know … Continue reading

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Ever waited for a kettle to boil or a bus to come, or a letter to arrive? Waiting can seem like an eternity. Seconds seem to stretch out as if they were an hour long. Waiting can be like that. … Continue reading

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It follows as night follows day, that if I talk about music, the next day I just have to talk about dance. Dancing is magical and transforming. It breathes new life into our mind, bodies and spirits. It triggers long-forgotten … Continue reading

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Music is food for the soul. It uplifts, inspires and brings joy and clarity. I have actually cried listening to music; who can forget Elton John playing Candle in the Wind? All music is beautiful: the lyrics, the instruments and … Continue reading

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