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The quality of being outstanding is what excellence is all about. To be outstanding means to stand outside. Normally, especially if we are prone to depression, we like to stay inside our comfort zone. It’s comfortable in there. We may … Continue reading

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Being curious is one of the best things you can be in life. It keeps you young. It keeps your mind active. It makes you interesting; it makes other people interesting. It is having the desire to learn or know … Continue reading

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Music is food for the soul. It uplifts, inspires and brings joy and clarity. I have actually cried listening to music; who can forget Elton John playing Candle in the Wind? All music is beautiful: the lyrics, the instruments and … Continue reading

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Tchotchies is derived from the Yiddish language to describe little decorative things of no purpose that we love to set around the house. I love tchotchkies. The word alone tumbles around the mouth like hot buttered toast. I think everyone … Continue reading

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Jeff my hubby is driving me to O’Hare airport. I am flying into Rochester, NY, then driving to Canandaigua to deliver a class called Introduction to Strategic Planning. Road-works decorate the highway: flaggers wave to slow us down; back hoe … Continue reading

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Are we having fun yet? Are you enjoying the combat moves to kick depression? I am. I am really enjoying writing about all the tools I use to kick depression. One of them is fun. Fun is enjoyment, amusement or … Continue reading

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