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I love reading Joel Osteen, I have all his books, and if I wake up in the middle of the night feeling anxious, I read a few of his pages and instantly feel better. This morning I was re-reading Starting … Continue reading

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Last night I watched a documentary on Stephen Hawking, CH CBE FRS FRSA. Stephen is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author of “A Brief History of Time” and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University … Continue reading

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I took a flight from Chicago to Madison, then a cab from the airport to the hotel. The driver wanted to talk and he asked me, “where are you from?” “Mississippi!” Which made him laugh because I have a very distinct … Continue reading

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Do you believe in karma? It’s the idea of doing something, and that something being done back to you. It might not be the exact same thing….but something similar. For example, being kind to a stranger, in terms of karma, … Continue reading

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Did I tell you about making lemonade? I was waking up in the morning and reading an uplifting book such as Joel Osteen. I like what he says because he always makes me feel strong, and capable and able to … Continue reading

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I realized that I was channeling my efforts into too many things. Not getting one thing finished, before starting something else. And so I thought about what I really wanted to do most. And the thing I want to do … Continue reading

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