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As I write this at breakfast in the Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, we talked about our history. One of our companions talked about his “poppa” his grandfather. “Every summer I would go and stay at poppa’s farm in Scotland. Poppa taught … Continue reading

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We visited a small temple in the Barkhor square near the Potala Palace.  It was down a narrow side street and through a doorway where vendors sell tea in bottles and dry tea wrapped in straw bundles. We went along … Continue reading

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There is nothing going on. Whatever you have done, or are thinking of doing there is nothing going on except what you make it. Remember people like Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for over 20 years? He decided to make … Continue reading

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Busy, busy, busy. I have noticed that if I don’t want to do something I make the excuse that I am too busy. Everyone accepts that without question. But if I really want to do something, I make time for … Continue reading

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Today is about becoming less tense. It is about finding ways to relax. And there are many ways to relax. Music is one way. The song ‘Weightless’ is supposedly one of the most relaxing songs ever recorded. However, I went … Continue reading

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It follows as night follows day, that if I talk about music, the next day I just have to talk about dance. Dancing is magical and transforming. It breathes new life into our mind, bodies and spirits. It triggers long-forgotten … Continue reading

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Music is food for the soul. It uplifts, inspires and brings joy and clarity. I have actually cried listening to music; who can forget Elton John playing Candle in the Wind? All music is beautiful: the lyrics, the instruments and … Continue reading

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