Did I tell you about making lemonade? I was waking up in the morning and reading an uplifting book such as Joel Osteen. I like what he says because he always makes me feel strong, and capable and able to do anything I set my mind to. After I read the uplifting book I would get dressed still feeling really great; and then I would go downstairs.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I live with my husband, my youngest daughter, her husband, and my 4-year-old grandson. So you can imagine, coming downstairs in the morning is not a quiet thing. There is always something going on. My grandson doesn’t want his French toast, or someone is in the galley kitchen making breakfast and we’re all bumping into each other; or there is just a general hubbub of two families living together.

What happens to my equilibrium is that it gets squashed. I’m in a spiritual mood of being uplifted, and the family is in a real mood of having to get things done. And so I get grumpy. Until my hubby one day said to me, “I don’t think reading these books is helping you.” But I would have none of that, “What do you mean they’re not helping? They make me feel great.”

“Yes,” he said, “but it doesn’t last.” And he was right. I was putting myself into some kind of other world reality. A place where everyone is kind and patient and fantastic. A place where there is no conflict, and everything is calm and peaceful. “Why don’t you make lemonade out of the lemons.” He said.

Have you noticed how annoying it is to realize that you are doing something that you thought was right, only to find that it isn’t. I realized that I was living in a make-believe world of fantasy. I live with four other people, and we all have our different wants and desires. We can be noisy. We can be lemons.

When I stopped puckering up and being grumpy I started to make lemonade. Sweet, glorious lemonade. Life sustaining lemonade. Accepting and eminently drinkable lemonade.

My friend, if you have been sucking on lemons and being all grumpy like I was, maybe it’s time to start making lemonade. Everyone has lemons in their lives; things that are noisy, conflicting and slightly annoying, or even very annoying. It is our choice to taste the bitter acrimony, or make sweetness and light. Be the light today. Be sweet, be kind and above all, remember that you have the choice to make lemonade out of any and every situation.

About Val Gee

I believe we all want to love and be loved. If we are not in love or being loved, then what are we doing here? I choose to wake up every morning filled with love and so I make it my mantra, "My purpose in life is to be loving." Check out my books published by McGraw-Hill. www.amazon.com.
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