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I used to run. I trained for a marathon and got to eighteen miles. Then my hip went into spasms. I couldn’t run without being in extreme pain. So I stopped. Now, when I see a runner I think, ‘wow … Continue reading

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Today is about becoming less tense. It is about finding ways to relax. And there are many ways to relax. Music is one way. The song ‘Weightless’ is supposedly one of the most relaxing songs ever recorded. However, I went … Continue reading

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I never want to stop seeing the beauty in human beings. Even the seemingly strange and odd characters that walk around shopping malls and airports have their beauty—hey don’t we all look slightly odd if truth be told? A vividly … Continue reading

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Music is food for the soul. It uplifts, inspires and brings joy and clarity. I have actually cried listening to music; who can forget Elton John playing Candle in the Wind? All music is beautiful: the lyrics, the instruments and … Continue reading

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Mocha caramel with sea salt—salt and sweet, just like life. I am sitting in Peets in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Jeff has gone to GE for a meeting and I am writing. I have the best life. I have time to write … Continue reading

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I was talking with my niece today on face time. She lives in England so it’s a great way of talking face to face. She was telling me how she fell out with her brother-in-law, her sister’s husband. Or more accurately he … Continue reading

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I struggled with faith for years and years. People I admired were atheists, and others had faith. Both sides had a good story about why they believed or didn’t believe. Finally it was up to me to decide. I started … Continue reading

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