I have a friend whose parents were born in Ireland. Sadly they are both dead now, but she has 178 first cousins along with many aunts and uncles still living in Ireland. She visits 2 or 3 times a year. When she talks about visiting her dad’s side of the family her face lights up, but when she talks about her mom’s side of the family she rolls her eyes.

So I asked her, “Why do you love to visit your dad’s family but not your mom’s?” Her answer was simple, “My dad’s family never have a bad word to say about anyone, Whereas my mom’s family have lots to say about everyone.”

She went on to say, “I never heard my father say one bad word about anyone!” She loved both her mom and dad of course, but her dad—ahhh, he was someone special.

Today my friend, let’s be like my friend’s dad. Just for today, let all our words be of goodness. Let’s speak only good of people or let’s not say anything. That’s it my friend—only good words. Good words, good words.

About Val Gee

I believe we all want to love and be loved. If we are not in love or being loved, then what are we doing here? I choose to wake up every morning filled with love and so I make it my mantra, "My purpose in life is to be loving." Check out my books published by McGraw-Hill.
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