I was talking with a friend this morning who said, “There is a point where the soul and personality come together.” What does that mean? For me, it is about finding a place where we feel at one with ourselves and our spirit. It means there is nowhere else to go. No place to go where I will feel better. No soul mate to find that will help me feel fulfilled. I am me and I love being me.

Being depressed is a place some of us have to go through to find that place where our soul and personality become one. It can be a struggle—but when we break through and enjoy who we are on a deep soul level; there is no other feeling that is better. Being with a loved one is wonderful, but it may not last. Being with yourself is wonderful and it will last so long as you are here.

Your soul is the spiritual or immaterial part of yourself that is regarded as immortal. It makes sense then for your personality and your soul to become one. You may be thinking, ‘my personality isn’t so great—I would rather my soul be a separate and wonderful part of myself that will live on forever.’ Nothing wrong with that, except can you see that you are dividing yourself into two parts. One part; your personality is not great, and the other part your soul is great. The joy in kicking depression is the realization that your soul and personality are one and that you do not have to wait until you die and ascend to some other place in order to become happy and fulfilled and full of joy. You can do it right now.

Your personality is who you are, just as your mind, body and spirit are who you are, just as your immortal soul is who you are. Let’s stop beating ourselves up and become one with the universe. Uni-verse—one song. There is no separation. As you read this, I can sense you being here with me now. Even though I am here in a different time zone and space, I am with you as you are reading. How can this be possible? It is possible because we are all one. One big human race with similar thoughts, hopes and dreams. I mentioned it before—we all want to love and be loved. Sometimes we simply don’t know how to do it—but when we let go of not knowing—we suddenly do know.

Our main obstacle in finding joy and equanimity is our own selves. Depression seeks to keep us feeling alone and separate—but we are not alone and we are not separate. What you do, affects other people, and since we are all the same—it affects everyone. Today, be with your soul. Allow your soul to guide you. What would you do if you knew it would affect everyone? How would you talk to someone if you knew that everyone was listening? How would you behave if you knew everyone was watching? Today you are setting your soul free—it is not something that will come about when you die—your soul is a living entity and it is here with you now. Allow it to be free—listen to it and learn from it—it knows so much more than we can ever know. My friend, today listen to your soul it has wisdom beyond your years.

About Val Gee

I believe we all want to love and be loved. If we are not in love or being loved, then what are we doing here? I choose to wake up every morning filled with love and so I make it my mantra, "My purpose in life is to be loving." Check out my books published by McGraw-Hill.
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