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One time I was driving with my hubby, and a friend and it was raining and sunny. We looked up and there were three rainbows. It was amazing; three big, bold bright rainbows, each one distinct in its own multicolored … Continue reading

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Depression abhors light. Depression wants to hide away in the darkness. It wants to stay undercover. It doesn’t want to be seen. Depression feels embarrassing. It doesn’t want anyone to pay attention to it. Why do you think that is? … Continue reading

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Today is about snow. Don’t worry if you never see snow. If you live in the desert or some sunny place that never gets snow. Or you live in a place that does get snow, but it’s not winter right … Continue reading

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This is not just about parking a car, this is about parking in general. Parking means to put something in a place and leave it there for a while. “Can I park in your office for a while?” “Can I … Continue reading

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What is joy? Joy is a feeling of great happines. When we are depressed it is really hard to find joy in anything. I heard one person describe depression as, “I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t move. I … Continue reading

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I hope you are remembering to breathe and to smile. Breathing connects you with all of creation. Smiling tells your mind, body and soul that you are loved. Today, is a day for finding a spot in nature. A place … Continue reading

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