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Tchotchies is derived from the Yiddish language to describe little decorative things of no purpose that we love to set around the house. I love tchotchkies. The word alone tumbles around the mouth like hot buttered toast. I think everyone … Continue reading

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To rejoice is to feel or show great delight. One of the things that depression abhors is rejoicing. To rejoice is just stamping depression on the head. It is impossible to be depressed if the person is rejoicing. But how … Continue reading

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The first sermon the Buddha preached after his enlightenment was about the four noble truths: 1) Life is frustrating and painful. 2) Suffering has a cause; we suffer because we are constantly struggling to survive, 3) The cause of suffering … Continue reading

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I’ve talked about it before, depression loves darkness. But sometimes darkness needs to come out. It needs to be talked about. Sometimes. Not all the time. But sometimes. It happened tonight with my two grandchildren. They are still little, nine … Continue reading

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This is not just about parking a car, this is about parking in general. Parking means to put something in a place and leave it there for a while. “Can I park in your office for a while?” “Can I … Continue reading

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Do you ever think about stairs? Most likely not unless you are an architect.  They can be small or large. Big sweeping staircases and narrow short staircases. Stairs take us places. Stairs take you up, or down. Stairs are amazing … Continue reading

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Ever think about water? It’s so necessary to our life and yet we rarely think about it. Oh yes, if you work out, or read about being healthy, you will know that you are supposed to drink a certain amount … Continue reading

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Every day is a new start. If you feel stuck now is the time to let go and become unstuck. I know you’ve heard it before—let go and let flow, or let go and let God—what does that really mean, … Continue reading

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