If we’re lucky we’ve got two eyes. They collect light. The light projects to the back of your eye and the retina converts it into electrical impulses. Behind your eye the optic nerve carries the impulses to your brain. The brain then interprets the light and makes a decision about what it sees. If twenty people looked at the same view, everyone would have a different opinion of what they saw. A lake is beautiful to me but scary to someone who is afraid of water. Thunder storms are exciting to a storm chaser and frightening to people scared of lightning. Same view, same picture, completely different interpretations.

So what actually sees? Answer: Your brain! “Sorry I didn’t see you there.” Lie! Your eyes collected the light, but your brain interpreted it as no one being there. Maybe you are under stress and your brain can’t take it all in. Or maybe you don’t really like that person and your brain pretends not to see them.

Today, is about ‘seeing’ things from a different perspective—a different point of view. Remember, your eyes are just collecting light—if you were to go into a dark room with no windows, you wouldn’t see anything. Your brain would have to rely on memory to ‘see’ things in your imagination.

Let’s experiment my friend. Close your eyes. Now open them and look around. Wherever you are, and whatever you think about where you are, begin to ‘see’ things from a different perspective. For example, I am sitting in a hotel room writing. Outside the windows I see trucks and cars rumbling along the freeway. It’s a nice room—not the best I’ve ever been in, but its clean and decorated in neutral colors. It’s not very inspiring—it’s just a hotel room. But if I see it from a new and different perspective, it becomes something very different.

What if I was born into a very poor family, in an extremely poor country? What if I never experienced clean water running out of a tap, or had a shower, or watched TV from a king-sized bed, or seen a major freeway with trucks carrying products of every description to stores, and factories? If I were that person, I would see this room in a completely different light. This room would be a palace—a dream come true. It would be the best experience of my entire life!

Today, my friend, see things in a new light. Look at your life from a different perspective—have an experience of your life being the most wonderful gift imaginable; because it is. You are here to make a difference—someone somewhere wants to hear from you. Someone loves you, someone wishes you the very best. Have courage, hope and love in your heart. My friend, things are getting better, the way forward is becoming clear. Your past is behind and right now, in this very moment all there is, is love, hope and acceptance. Open your eyes, your heart and your mind and let the light in. My friend you deserve it!

About Val Gee

I believe we all want to love and be loved. If we are not in love or being loved, then what are we doing here? I choose to wake up every morning filled with love and so I make it my mantra, "My purpose in life is to be loving." Check out my books published by McGraw-Hill. www.amazon.com.
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