Have you noticed how many patterns there are in the world? Animal prints, flowers, stripes, circles, triangles and squares. There are so many different shapes and patterns it’s hard to notice how amazing they are. People invented every pattern you see, unless it is in nature of course. Nature has many patterns of its own; flower petals, leaves, grasses, trees and water to name a few. We too have patterns. We make patterns of our lives. We go to bed at a certain time, and call ourselves morning people or night owls depending on our pattern. We eat certain foods and drink certain drinks depending on our patterns.

Our patterns then determine the kind of people we become. Our patterns of thinking determine our politics, our kindness or lack thereof, our being quick to anger or slow to get upset. Our patterns make us laugh easily, or take things personally. We think our patterns are something that we have decided upon, and have thought about. But really, our patterns often originate from our DNA, peer groups, family, friends and teachers.

My youngest grandchild who is three years old has already established a pattern of using technology. He can open an i-pad and find Baby Einstein on you-tube. That happened because his parents have an i-pad and they taught him the password. It also happened because his generation is already ahead of us technology wise. He will soon be doing things on the computer faster than I can speak. He may believe that he has accomplished this himself, and in a way he has, but it is also because of what he is being taught. If he was born in a cave, he wouldn’t know how to use technology. He would believe in survival, finding food, shelter and warmth.

I believe in a creator because my grandparents did. They went to chapel every Sunday, and I went to Sunday school. I learned about God and Jesus and all the bible stories and so it is part of my belief. If I had not been sent to Sunday school, but had attended a Mosque or a Synagogue, I would have different patterns of belief.

Today is about noticing your patterns. Do you always do things the same way? There is nothing wrong in the way you do things of course. This is just about noticing your patterns. Are you doing exactly what your parents did? Are you missing out on certain aspects of life because you are in a pattern of behavior that doesn’t allow some things to happen? For example do you take life seriously—maybe too seriously? Is it a pattern you would like to change? Or do you take things personally, and are fed up with being so upset by other people? Maybe that is a pattern you would like to work on changing.

Don’t worry about your patterns. Today you are just noticing them and how they make you feel. If they make you feel good, keep the pattern going—but if they make you feel bad—maybe it is time for a change….everything begins with awareness of what we are doing, and then deciding if we want to keep doing it or not.

About Val Gee

I believe we all want to love and be loved. If we are not in love or being loved, then what are we doing here? I choose to wake up every morning filled with love and so I make it my mantra, "My purpose in life is to be loving." Check out my books published by McGraw-Hill.
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